European Tibetan Buddhist leaders against China-stained Dalai Lama reincarnation

His Holiness the Dalai Lama. (Photo courtesy: The Guardian)

(, Dec09’19) – On the occasion of their third conference, held at Yeunten Ling, Huy, Belgium, Tibetan Buddhist leaders in Europe have on Dec 8 urged the Dalai Lama to continue his reincarnation institution while condemning China for meddling in the reincarnation process.

The conference issued a declaration, expressing deep gratitude to the participants in the 14th Tibetan Religious Conference held in Dharamsala the month before for its three-point resolution which urged the Dalai Lama to continue is reincarnation lineage and condemned Beijing’s interference in the process. The participants in that meeting included Tibet’s top religious leaders.

3rd Europe Tibetan Buddhism Conference adopts a 3-point declaration on the reincarnation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. (Photo courtesy: CTA)

The conference “strongly condemned and rejected” China’s Documents No. 5 of 2007, which said the process for the recognition and enthronement of Tibetan Buddhist reincarnates must be supervised and approved by the Chinese government or they will be illegal.

The delegates to the European meeting, numbering 40, came from 30 Buddhist centres from across 10 countries in Europe, including Belgium, France, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Norway, Finland and Estonia.

A dinner reception for the participants held on Dec 6 was attended also by Hon. Mr Samuel Coglaliti, MP of Federal Parliament of Belgium representing the local area of Huy and Mr Julien Andre of the Huy municipality representing the city Mayor. Both addressed the gathering, the former during the dinner and the latter during the cocktail reception.

The conference was facilitated mainly by the Office of Tibet, Brussels, joined by the Offices of Tibet in Geneva and London, and co-hosted with them by Tibetan Institute, Yeunten Ling.

The Buddhist centres that took part in the conference were stated to have come from Yeunten Ling Institute, Shedrup Tengye Ling, Sera Jey Boedhhistische Cultuur Central, Samye Dzong Samgyeling, Nalanda, Schoten, Kalachakra, Detchene Eusel Ling, Vajradhara Ling, Drukpa, Vajra Yogini Institute, Maitreya Instituut, White Lotus World Peace Buddhist Centre, Monasterio Budista Dag Shang Kagyu, FPMT, Casa Del Tibet, Centro Budhista Tara, Drikung Kagyu Dorje Ling, Rigpa  International, Tibethaus, Tarracittamani Centre, Kagyu Dzong, Centro Thupten Oseling, Centro Milarepa, Karma Tashi Ling, Danakosha and Buddhist Institute.


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