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Exile Tibetan parliament to hold two sessions in Mar 2024

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(, Dec21’23) – The Tibetan Parliament in Exile (TPiE) is to hold two sessions in Mar 2024, including a twice postponed resumption of its Sep 2023, 6th session, according to announcements issued by its secretariat Dec 21.

It will meet from Mar 13 to 16 to resume the session boycotted by a quorum-busting section of the members just after it had sat for three days for the 6th regular biannual session in Sep 2023, leading to its indefinite postponement.

It was later announced in November that this session will be resumed and held over Dec 25-29. However, 16 of the TPiE’s total strength of 45 members have expressed inability to attend it for various reasons, again resulting in the proposed resumption of the session later this month lacking the quorum of 30.

After the resumed 6th session, the TPiE will meet for its 7th regular biannual session from Mar 18 to 30.

The main agenda of the 6th session is to discuss the annual reports of the various departments of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA).

The 7th session will debate and adopt the budget of the CTA for the financial year Apr 2024-Mar 2025.


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