Five killed in Qinghai earthquake


(, Nov 13) – Five factory workers were killed when a building collapsed during the 6.3-magnitude earthquake that rocked the Da Qaidam area of Qinghai Province on Nov 10, reported the AFP Nov 11, citing China’s state media. The five died in the provincial capital of Xining, 615 km from the epicentre, when a workshop they were building collapsed, AFP cited Xinhua as saying.

Another Xinhua report Nov 11 said at least 500 houses were damaged.

It said that although the Qinghai-Tibet Railway was unaffected, a speed limit was imposed on all trains passing the quake-battered areas from 10 am on Nov 10. The upper limit was 60 km per hour between Delinha and Hairag in the west of Qinghai, and 45 km between Delinha and Golmud, about 160 km from the epicentre. Two miners were reported to be injured.


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