Four injured in Ngaba as troops drove into religious crowd


(, Apr 07, 2009) — Religious repression continues throughout the Tibetan Plateau, with the latest crackdown report saying Chinese troops tried to break up a procession at Sey Monastery in Ngaba (China: Aba) county of Sichuan Province on Apr 3. The monastery held its annual Maitreya (the coming Buddha) procession on that day since it could not be held during the annual Great Prayer (Monlam) festival in Feb’09, which was banned by the Chinese government. Large number of troops were brought in to break up the public gathering during which at least four people were injured by a security forces’ vehicle being driven recklessly, said a report Apr 5.

The report cited a monk named Tsering at Kirti Monastery in Dharamsala as saying the security forces drove their vehicles recklessly into the crowd in order to disperse the devotees.

The report did not say how seriously the four people were injured and whether they were receiving treatment.


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