Four Monks sentenced in Dhingri County


(, Feb 13) – Four monks of Shelkar Monastery in Dingri County of Shigatse Prefecture in Tibet Autonomous Region were sentenced to jail terms of 18 months each after being arrested on Mar 5, 2008 for protesting against the Chinese “patriotic education” campaign, reported the exile Tibetan government’s Feb 12. The report did not say when the four were sentenced but noted that they were among a group of 13 monks arrested together for the same offence.

While six of the monks were released on Jan 19, three were still being held, with one named Khenrab Tharchin being treated especially harshly.

Lobsang Jinpa, one of the released monks, was expelled from the monastery, while the other two were allowed to remain, but under stringent conditions against engaging in political activities. The monastery itself was also reported to have been placed under severe restrictions.


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