Giant London postcard urged China to uphold global rights standards


(, Dec14, 2013) On the world Human Rights Day of Dec 10, a group representing the Chinese, Uyghur & Tibetan Solidarity UK group delivered a giant Universal Declaration of Human Rights postcard to the Chinese Embassy in London. The postcard featured an image of a word-cloud constituted with key words from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The reverse side of the postcard featured recommendations of key tasks to the Chinese government, in particular the need to uphold the universally accepted human rights for all its citizens.

The world Human Rights Day marks the day the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed and came into force in 1948 as the common standard for all nations and peoples to live up to.

The postcard delivery was sought to be made during an evening candlelight vigil held outside the Chinese Embassy. However, the embassy did not accept the giant postcard. The vigil was held to remember all human rights defenders and prisoners of conscience who sacrificed their freedom and lives in order to promote and protect the human rights of those living under the Chinese Communist Party’s regime in East Turkestan, Tibet and across China. A smaller version of the postcard was posted to the Embassy.

The Chinese, Uyghur & Tibetan Solidarity UK is constituted by the Chinese Solidarity Campaign, Federation for Democratic China, Friends of Tiananmen Mothers, Tibetan Community in Britain, Tibet Society, Tibetan Youth UK, Students for a Free Tibet UK, Uyghur Association and Uyghur Community UK.


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