Gov’t of Nepal accused of ignoring Chinese takeover of chunks of territory

Rui Gaun of Gorkha that lies under Rui Bhot of Gorkha had now been under Tibet Autonomous Region. (Photo courtesy: Annapurna Post)

(, Jun22’20) – The government of Nepal under Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is under fire for focusing change in the country’s map only against India but ignoring China’s capture of Rui village in North Gorkha region and in other places. When the government, lawmakers, intellects and civil society are busy talking about Indian ‘encroachment’ in Kalapani, Lipu Lekh, and Limpiyadhura area, they seem less concerned about China’s encroachment in the village of Gorkha, said the in a report Jun 21. Another, village, named Teigha, and other chunk of Nepalese territory elsewhere were also stated to have been lost to China.

The report said Rui Gaun of Gorkha that lies under Rui Bhot of Gorkha had now been under Tibet Autonomous Region for more than 60 years.

The report alleged that the utter negligence of the government and indifference of the high government officials had made room for Chinese intrusion over a village consisting 72 households.”

The report noted that although the area of Rui Gaun was still included in the map of Nepal all these years, it was under Chinese control as the border pillars had been moved so as to validate the encroachment.

The Land Revenue Office at Gorkha has been cited as saying it still had the record of the revenues collected from the inhabitants of Rui Village.

“The details of the revenues paid by the inhabitants of Rui Bhot areas is still safe in the Land Revenue Office, in the file no. 1,” an assistant staff at the Land Revenue Office Gorkha was quoted as saying, “The record section of the office has the records of the revenues submitted by the people from Athara Saya Khola to Rui Bhot.”

“Rui Gaun is part of Nepal,” Historian Ramesh Dhungel was quoted as saying, “Neither Nepal lost it in war nor it was subject to any special agreement or contract to let it belong to Tibet; Nepal lost both Rui and Teigha villages due to the negligence at the time of fixing pillars.”

Besides, Dhungsel has also said that there were nearly 350 households of Kimathanka that had fallen under the control of Chinese ruled Tibet. He has added that a large chunk of territory that was equal to two days’ walk had gone to Chinese ruled Tibetan side in Mustang alone.


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