Hu reaffirms Han cadres’ vital role in Tibet

19, Mar 31’08 (webbed Mar 7)

Chinese President Hu Jintao told top Chinese and Tibetan cadres attending the first session of the 11th Chinese National People’s Congress (NPC) in Beijing that by ensuring stability in Tibet they safeguard China’s own stability, according to China’s official Xinhua news agency Mar 6. “The stability in Tibet concerns the stability of the country, and the safety in Tibet concerns the safety of the country,” Hu was quoted as telling the Tibet delegates to the NPC, the Chinese parliament, during a panel discussion with them. Hu himself represents Tibet at the NPC.

Hu was reported to have told the Tibet delegates that they should ensure the well being of Tibetans, improve their lives, improve work related to religions and ethnic groups, and maintain social harmony and stability in the region. The official CCTV.Com Mar 6 cited Hu as having called on the delegates to adhere to the outlook on scientific development with Chinese and Tibetan characteristics, and to rapidly promote local economic development.

Another report Mar 7 cited Hu as having encouraged the region’s deputies to fashion policies that would adhere to the central government’s guidelines while keeping Tibetan characteristics. It further cited him as having called it crucial to raise the region’s living standard and unite the various ethnic and religious groups.

Further, Reuters Mar 7 quoted Hu as telling the Tibet delegates, “efforts should be made to transform the mode of (Tibet’s) economic growth”. He has not elaborated on this.

Reiterating the imperative that Tibet should be directly control from Beijing through Chinese cadres as the main decision makers, Hu has said that politically the Party should “fully trust” Han Chinese cadres in Tibet, tremendously support their work, warmly care about their lives and set strict standards to prevent abuse of power and corruption, according to the Reuters report.


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