Hu urges ‘great wall of stability’, defends interest of ‘all ethnic groups’, in Tibet


(, Mar 12, 2009) — Joining discussion with fellow delegates from the Tibet Autonomous Region to the annual session of the Chinese National People’s Congress, President Hu Jintao Mar 9 called for the building of a Great Wall of stability in Tibet ahead of the 50th anniversary Mar 10 of “foiling of an armed rebellion led by the Dalai Lama’s supporters,” reported the official Xinhua news agency Mar 9. “We must reinforce the solid Great Wall for combating separatism and safeguarding national unity, so that Tibet, now basically stable, will enjoy lasting peace and stability,” Hu was quoted as saying.

In particular, Hu urged the TAR authorities to vigorously advance the controversial programme of building “socialist new villages,” develop industries with distinguished features and strengthen ecological and environmental protection. He wanted priority to be given to addressing people’s immediate needs, so that people of “all ethnic groups in Tibet” will be able to share the fruit of development.

In general terms, Hu was reported to have urged the TAR authorities to implement the central government’s policies on the TAR, focus on development and stability issues, attain an economic great-leap-forward, safeguard “national security” and “social stability”, and keep improving people’s living standard, in order for them to make new progress in the building of “a unified, democratic, prosperous and harmonious socialistic new Tibet.”


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