Hundreds held at new administrative detention centres


(, Feb 26, 2009) — The authorities in Tibet’s capital Lhasa appear to have set up special detention centres to implement a mid-Jan’09 order which requires compulsory registration of all temporary residents in the city. One such facility, said New York-based Human Rights Watch Feb 25, citing several reports from local residents, is a former military work unit on the outskirts of Lhasa, which currently houses hundreds of temporary detainees and several armed police forces units.

Situated in Caigongtang Xiang (Tibetan: Tshal Gungthang), immediately east of Lhasa city, this large facility is reported to be holding people who are to be sent back to neighbouring counties, prefectures, or the provinces of their household registration. The group cited a source as saying people were being taken daily by the police to the train station or being told by the police that they will be held until after March for security reasons.

Those suspected of either hindering the anti-separatism campaign or becoming potential protesters are also being arbitrarily held at these detention centres, the group said.


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