India explains rehabilitation policy to exile Tibetan officials


rehabilitation policy(, Nov19, 2014) – More than 125 officials of the exile Tibetan administration attended on Nov 17 a workshop meant to apprise them about the contents of the seven-page “The Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy – 2014” that the government of India had recently finalized. It was organized by India’s Ministry of Home Affairs and chaired by the Minister of State for Home Affairs Mr Kiren Rijiju, said the exile administration on its website Nov 18.

Others who attended the workshop included two joint secretaries from the Government of India, officials from India’s Home Ministry and officials from seven states of India hosting Tibetan settlements.

The statement said Mr KK Pathak, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, gave a presentation on the gist of the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy and urged the state government officials to reinforce the policy.

Mr GK Diwindi, Joint secretary of the ministry’s Foreigners Division and two concerned officials from the Intelligence Bureau, were stated to have explained the issues related to RC, IC, PAP  and EXIT Permits. These are related to the registration of Tibetans as foreigners and their overseas travels.

The Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy – 2014 is meant to ensure a uniform policy throughout India for Tibetan residents, although the document itself, available with the exile administration since last month, has not yet been made public. A statement Oct 21 suggested that the policy document permits Tibetans to pursue any self-employed occupation or non-state sector job and covers matters concerning land lease for the government-sponsored Tibetan settlements, extending of central and state subsidies to Tibetans and the issuance of relevant papers/trade license/permits to them.



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