Italian city hosts conference on Tibet tragedy


(, Jul09, 2013) – An international conference on “scenarios and perspectives for the future of Tibet” was held Jul 5 in the Italian city of Turin. The speakers included Mr Valerio Cattaneo, chairman of the Board of the Piedmont Region, and Mr Penpa Tsering, Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile, Dharamsala.

Another speaker was Mr Giampiero Leo, councillor of the Piedmont Region. “This conference is further proof of the will of the Legislative Assembly of Piemonte to defend the rights of this extraordinary people. An immense culture which was almost completely destroyed,” the exile administration-run Jul 8 quoted him as saying.

Others who attended the conference included Mr André Gattolin, Senator in the French Parliament; Mr Matteo Mecacci and Mr Gianni Vernetti, former presidents of the Intergroup Italian Parliamentary for Tibet; Mrs Mariacristina Spinosa, councilor for the City of Turin, and Mr Bruno Mellano of the Radical Adelaide Aglietta.

The conference was jointly organised by the Association for Tibet and Human Rights in the Regional Council of Piemonte and the Tibetan community in Italy.


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