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Italy’s South Tyrol to provide agricultural know-how to exile Tibetans

Home Kalon with South Tyrol's President Dr.  Arno Kompatscher.
The exile Tibetan Home Kalon Mrs Dolma Gyari with South Tyrol’s President Dr. Arno Kompatscher.

(TibetanReview.net, Aug29, 2014) –Italy’s autonomous province of South Tyrol is to help exile Tibetan settlements in India with agricultural know-how. An agreement for this purpose was signed between the President of South Tyrol, Dr Arno Kompatscher, and the exile Tibetan Home Kalon Mrs Dolma Gyari in the former’s office on Aug 25, said the exile Tibetan administration on its Tibet.net website Aug 27.

The agreement on ‘Agricultural Development through Modernization and Market Access’ project will be implemented at the Organic Research and Training Center, Bylakuppe, in the south Indian state of Karnataka. The state hosts five Tibetan agricultural settlements, with Bylakuppe being the largest.

The exile Tibetan Home Kalon Mrs Dolma Gyari with the President of Trento Mr Bruno Doringatti
The exile Tibetan Home Kalon Mrs Dolma Gyari with the President of Trento, Mr Bruno Doringatti

Kalon Dolma Gyari was also reported to have met with Mr Bruno Doringatti, the President of the Provincial Council of the autonomous Italian province of Trento, as well as Alessandro Olivi, Vice-President of the Province, and Joseph Detomas, a Regional Minister, in Trentino.

The officials were reported to have assured Mrs Gyari that political support in the province for the Tibetan struggle was stronger than ever.

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