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Ladakh-frustrated China reported to be helping Pakistan arm terrorist groups in India

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(TibetanReview.net, Dec26’23) – Terrorists have been reported to be using China-made weapons, bodysuit cameras and communication devices in their attacks on the Army in India’s Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. China supplies these and other sorts of weapons and equipment including drones to Pakistan, reported indiatoday.in Dec 26.

The report said that in recent months, China has been continuously supplying Pakistan with modern and high-tech weapons, which are often used by Jaish and Lashkar terrorists to target security forces in Kashmir via the Pakistani army.

China is supplying drones, hand grenades and other weapons to the Pakistan army, which have been used by terrorist groups in the recent attacks, with the evidence of them having been found by security forces, the report said, citing intelligence sources.

The report said the nexus was revealed in three major terror attacks that were carried out this year.

In one such attack, carried out in November, terrorists were found to have used sniper guns made with Chinese technology against Indian soldiers on the Jammu border.

Also, images released by a terrorist organisation after the three major terror attacks this year were taken from Chinese-made body cameras and were also edited and morphed, the report said.

Besides, encrypted messaging devices used by terrorists for communication were also seen to be Chinese made.

The Pakistani army was stated to regularly receive supplies of weapons, cameras, and communication devices from China, and to make these available to terrorist organisations in POK (Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir) for infiltrations and terrorist attacks in India.

The report suggested that China, being frustrated by India’s heightened troop presence in Ladakh following the 2020 border stand-off in Galwan, wanted to revive terrorist activity in Jammu and Kashmir to divert and pressure the Indian Army into redeploying troops from the Ladakh border back to Kashmir.

China is also reported to be funding the establishment of a separate information security lab for Pakistan for cyber warfare against India.


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