Mass cremation alleged of Tibetans killed by Chinese troops

25, May 13’08

China was alleged to have mass cremated on Mar 28 the corpses of 83 Tibetans killed by it during crackdown on Tibetans protests in and around Lhasa. The site was the electrical crematorium built few years ago by the Chinese government at Dhongkar Yabdha Township in Toelung Dechen County of Lhasa City, said the exile Tibetan government’s May 1.

Also, the report cited eyewitnesses as saying that at around10.30 pm (Beijing Time) on Mar 17, dead bodies of several Tibetans were seen in two army trucks near a petrol pump located in the west of Lhasa. Blood was reportedly seen seeping out of the two trucks by Tibetans stuck in a traffic jam there. This petrol pump remained one of the most restricted sites since the protests began in Tibet, the report said. It added that there were additional reports, including a Mar 15 eyewitness, of more dead bodies being transported to Toelung Dechen County in more army trucks.

The report said Tibetans were continuing to die in hospital due to lack of care or in prison or just after release from jail. It said many Tibetans injured in the Chinese crackdown on protests since Mar 14 were continuing to die in the People’s Hospital in Lhasa due to lack of urgently needed immediate medical care. It said a monk of Drepung Monastery arrested on Apr 12 died in hospital while two women died soon after their release from a prison in Lhasa.

As regards how the authorities handle the aftermath of the killings and the destruction of evidence thereof, the report said that tourist taxi driver Lhakpa Tsering, resident of Lhasa’s Lugug Street, who died from a People’s Armed Police gunshot on his forehead on Mar 14 had his body taken away by troops. His family later got a bag of ashes with his name written on it.


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