More arrests from continuing sporadic Tibetan protests in Kandze


(, Jan 12) — Small sporadic protests have been continuing in the Tibetan areas incorporated into China’s Sichuan province despite the area, like all other parts of the Tibetan Plateau, being under massive security crackdown, with tight control on people’s movement, following the Mar’08 uprising there. Radio Free Asia online (Washington) Jan 9 reported that such protests have led to several arrests. Those arrested included a man named Ngawang Sonam, 32, and a woman named Konchok, age 29.

Ngawang was arrested on Jan 5 after he staged a protest in front of police headquarters in downtown Kardze (Chinese: Ganzi) County at around 12 pm. The protest lasted just about three hours. During which he shouted slogans calling for Tibet’s independence and threw several thousand paper fliers into the air. The fliers were reported to include prayer flags and protest leaflets. Police fired a tranquilizer gun at him, severely beat him, and took him away in a police vehicle, the report cited an unnamed woman eyewitness as saying.

Ngawang, resident of Horpo village in Tsonggo township of Kardze county, is a father of two school-age children and had earlier been detained for his role in a 2000 protest.

Konchok was arrested on Dec 29, 2008 several minutes after she began protesting in the public square in front of the Kardze police headquarters. She shouted slogans calling for Tibet’s freedom and long life for Dalai Lama while tossing flyers in the air.

The report cited eyewitnesses as saying police appeared to fire at her before they dragged her into a vehicle to be taken away even as she kept shouting for long life for the Dalai Lama. She is said to belong to a well-off family in Kudu village of Kara township in Kardze county.


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