Nepal seeks second border entry point with Tibet

18, Mar 31’08

Nepal and China further cemented their ever closer relations with the inauguration on Feb 26 of Ajako Tibet (Today’s Tibet) in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. Zheng Xianglin, China’s Ambassador to Nepal, said that the publication of the magazine would work as yet another bridge and platform to strengthen understanding and increase friendly relationship between people from two countries, reported China’s official Xinhua news agency Feb 26. He has congratulated World Cultural Nepal for bringing out the publication. However, according to China’s online Tibet news service Feb 27, the bi-monthly has been founded by “China’s Tibet” magazine and the Nepal International Culture Network Company. It said the magazine will “introduce a true Tibet Autonomous Region to Nepal where many Tibetans live”.

Nepali Minister for Sports and Education, Mr Pradeep Nepal, used the occasion to call for the opening of a second entry point across the Nepal-Tibet borders. Although relation between Nepal and People’s Republic of China is getting even closer these days, people are still facing problem to visit their closest neighbour as there is only one entry point in Tatopani, Nepal was cited as saying.

Ambassador Zheng has indicated acknowledgment of the problem, saying most of the economic cooperation and trade between China and Nepal and almost half of the personnel exchanges were materializing through the Khasa-Tatopani border.


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