Nun severely beaten and held after staging lone protest, scores others treated alike for protesting it

7, June 11’08

One nun was severely beaten and arrested for staging a lone morning protest and many others given similar treatment after over 200 fellow-nuns staged a peaceful protest later in the evening demanding her release in Draggo (Chinese: Luhuo) County of Kardze Prefecture on Jun 8, reported TCHRD Jun 9.

Chinese police surrounded and pounded the lone nun protester with iron rods, kicks and punches at the county seat and then took her into custody, reported TCHRD Jun 9. The nun was named and described as Chakra Village-born Tsering Tsomo, 27, belonging to SamtenLing (or Watak) Nunnery. During the short period of her protest, the nun shouted slogans and distributed to the people in town pamphlets calling for the Dalai Lama’s swift return and Tibet’s freedom.

After news of the incident reached her nunnery, over 200 fellow-nuns proceeded on a peaceful protest march to the county seat at 5pm. But they were stooped by security forces at a place called Gogaythang. The troops kicked and punched the nuns, as well as using electric prod and iron rod. Many nuns were injured, including 10 who had to be hospitalized, while scores were taken to the county detention centre to be locked up and beaten there. Their relatives were not allowed to meet them.


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