One held in Tawu for leaking protest news overseas

30, June 6’08

Police from authorities outside the local police station detained on Apr 19 a Tibetan in Tawu (Chinese: Daofu) of Ganzi (Tibetan: kardze) Prefecture for allegedly passing overseas information about the Tibetan protests. Police came in three vehicles to pick up Nyima Drakpa, reported Radio Free Asia (RFA) May 28. “His relatives later learned that he was detained in Dartsedo (Chinese: Kangding) but they weren’t allowed to contact him,” the report said. He was alleged to have sent photos of protests and passed information to reporters in Hong Kong.

On Apr 5, Chinese officials spoke of contacts having been made to several countries from Tawu. As a result, Nyima Dakpa stopped staying at his home. He was held while traveling with a friend to the home of his sister.

Nyima had earlier been jailed for 15 days for copying statements of the Dalai Lama. He was again detained later for allegedly putting up posters calling for Tibetan independence, but he was released shortly afterwards when another man confessed.

Two hundreds of the some 500 trucks owned by Tibetans in Tawu County have been so parked to block the way of the trucks own by Chinese immigrants in an action suggestive of protest against Chinese rule, reported Radio Free Asia May 28.


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