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‘Only the Dalai Lama can decide on his own reincarnation’

The 17th Karmapa in an RFA interview in Washington, April 15, 2015. (Photo courtesy: RFA)
The 17th Karmapa in an RFA interview in Washington, April 15, 2015. (Photo courtesy: RFA)

(TibetanReview.net, Apr17, 2015) – While China cites false history and tradition to claim the right to appoint the next Dalai Lama, one of Tibet’s most prominent religious figures, the 17th Karmapa, has explained that the current Dalai Lama is the only one who can decide that matter. Speaking in an interview with Radio Free Asia’s Tibetan Service, the head of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism said he had “complete belief and trust in the future decision” on a successor to be made by the current Dalai Lama.

“There are many presumptive statements and guess works, but I am not worried,” RFA Apr 15 quoted the Karmapa as saying.

The Karmapa, now 29, fled Chinese ruled Tibet in Dec 1999, citing lack of religious freedom. In his interview given in Washington, the Karmapa, while point that that one traditionally does not talk much about the reincarnation of a living master in Tibetan Buddhism, said, “In my view, it is only the Dalai Lama himself who should decide about his future reincarnation. So I am confident and have full trust in his decision.”

The communist Chinese leadership, though atheists with no understanding of religious matters, have been insisting recently that only they had the right to determine who the reincarnation of the current Dalai Lama should be.


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