Party leader in Xinjiang sacked for below par anti-extremism fight record

Kashgar, Xinjiang.
Kashgar, Xinjiang.

(, Aug07, 2017) – China has dismissed from service, expelled from party and placed under investigation a local communist party chief – an ethnic Chinese – for having allegedly failed to do enough to fight extremism, reported the AP Aug 6, citing an Aug 5 statement by the ruling party’s top discipline body.

The statement was cited as saying Zhang Jinbiao, 53, party secretary of Hotan Prefecture in Southern Xinjiang, was accused of “serious violations” including failing to carry out anti-terrorism work and improperly accepting gifts.

The statement by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection gave no details but said Zhang’s failure to carry out anti-extremism work had “serious consequences”, the report added.

Reuters Aug 6 said the decision to sack and prosecute him followed a probe in which he was found to be not doing enough to tackle extremism in one of the most sensitive parts of the country and to have taken bribes.

Zhang “seriously violated political discipline and political rules and did not exert himself in carrying out his counter-terrorism and stability maintenance responsibilities, causing serious consequences”, the report quoted the statement as saying.

Apart from taking gifts, including money, he was accused of having abused his power and of having “abnormal sexual relations with others”.

Several senior former Hotan officials have been caught up in President Xi Jinping’s war on deep-seated graft, including Hotan’s former Uighur mayor Adil Nurmemet who is now serving a 12-year jail term for corruption, the Reuters report noted.

Zhang was reported to have only assumed the Hotan job in May last year and to have been put under investigation in January.


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