President Xi emphasizes Chinese journalists’ duty to promote party ideas

Xi visited three state-run media operations including China Central Television. (Photo courtesy: AP)

(, Nov09’20) – On the occasion of China’s Journalists’ Day on Nov 8, President Xi Jinping has emphasized that the primary role of the media in the country was to communicate the Party’s ideas and policies to the public.

Journalists should be encouraged to better communicate the Party’s ideas and policies to the public, record the changes of the times, promote social progress, and uphold fairness and justice, China’s official Xinhua news agency Nov 8 cited Xi as saying.

He wanted Chinese journalists to “improve foreign-oriented communication through trying methods with new concepts, domains and expressions that are understood by both China and the rest of the world, telling the true story of our country and making our voice heard.”

For this purpose he has called on those working on public communication to “absorb new learning, get to know new areas, broaden their horizons, improve their comprehensive skills, and conduct more field research. They should have the will to get down to the grassroots, and improve their ability to observe clearly, to think profoundly and to write powerfully.”

And he wanted the results of the information revolution to be used to build an integrated all-media communication framework at a faster rate.


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