Protests within China

32, March 31’08

Beijing, Chengdu, Lanzhou
Large numbers of Tibetans are enrolled in schools, colleges and universities in China in a policy seen by critics as being designed to make Chinese out of them in terms of habits, taste and ultimately, culture. There were reports of candlelight vigils and other forms of peaceful protest and solidarity actions in some of them. “We feel so very sad because we are so helpless. They have killed monks and common people – you must know this,” Al Jazeera Mar 19 quoted a protesting Tibetan student of Beijing’s Central University for Nationalities as saying.

On Mar 16, around 500 Tibetan students of the Tibetan Studies Department of the North Western Nationality University in Lanzhou City, capital of Gansu Province, staged a peaceful demonstration inside the University campus, displaying a large banner saying “DEMOCRACY AND HUMAN LIVES ARE PRECIOUS”, reported TCHRD Mar 16. They also reportedly raised slogans calling for immediate end to the brutal crackdown on Tibetan people. PAP and police moved in and kept in detention within campus 300 of the students. The university had about 1,000 Tibetan students.

RFA Mar 17 cited a student as saying some 40 of the about 200 Tibetan students at the Tibetan studies department of the Central Minorities University in Beijing staged a silent protest to mourn the people killed or injured in other parts of Tibet. Police came in and held them in their classrooms. Mar 18 said that Tibetan students at Beijing National University also held a protest on Mar 17, although no details were available.

ICT Mar 17 reported that there was also a peaceful protest that day by Tibetan students at the South-Western Minorities University in Sichuan’s capital Chengdu.


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