QINGHAI: Tibetan cultural, environmental activism banned as anti-China

Photo courtesy: Free Tibet

(TibetanReview.net, Feb25, 2015) – Chinese authorities in the Tibetan county of Rebgong (Chinese: Tongren) in Malho (Huangnan) Prefecture, Qinghai Province, have added cultural and environmental activism to their list of activities prohibited for being anti-China, reported Radio Free Asia (Washington) Feb 23. The prohibition list already includes any sort of involvement in protest self-immolations and online advocacy of Tibetan independence.

Citing a local source speaking on condition of anonymity, the report said the list now also specifically targets those establishing “illegal associations formed in the name of the Tibetan language, the environment, and education.” In this connection, the list bans the organizing of gatherings or protest rallies supporting the equality of languages and the protection of animals.

The list of prohibited activities has been expanded in other ways too to include the publishing of articles or books or production of audio recordings encouraging “separatist goals,” along with the dissemination of any voice mails, drawings, or video clips opposing China’s rule, the report added.

China has already been cracking down severely on Tibetans engaged in the above activities and the adding of these to the list seems to be designed only to strengthen the legal basis for persecuting them.

The expansion of the list of prohibited activities is part of an ongoing campaign to enforce Tibetan loyalty to Chinese rule and to persecute severely those who oppose its rule or who are otherwise critical of or sceptical about its policies. The report cited the source as saying Chinese authorities in Rebgong had often held meetings with local Tibetans, calling on them to support government policies and to “appreciate the wide and comprehensive benefits of development and government assistance.”


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