Report: ‘Rights deterioration in Tibet belie China’s reform promises’

Annual Report 2014. TCHRD.
Annual Report 2014. TCHRD.

(, Feb09, 2015) – China not only failed to deliver on promised reforms but also carried out repressions which led to continued deterioration of human rights situation in Tibet, said Dharamshala-based Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy Feb 7 in its annual report for 2014.

The report especially highlights deaths in detention, collective punishment of families and communities of self-immolation protesters, and restrictions on freedom of assembly and association. In all these areas, the centre said, the Chinese treatment of Tibetans deteriorated substantially.

The report questions China’s claims about having greatly improved living conditions in Tibet, saying its findings show consistent and systemic problems in the areas of heath care and education. It said the state of healthcare and education in Tibetan areas was, by most measures, worse than almost anywhere else in the PRC.

The report also addresses the issues of the violations of civil and political rights, including the right to privacy and the expansion of security measures, and economic social and cultural rights, including the forced resettlement of Tibetan nomads.

The report documents a comprehensive list of 2,110 currently known political prisoners across the Tibetan areas, with 137 of them having been detained or jailed during 2014.


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