Temporary residence permit introduced for Lhasa


(TibetanReview.net, Jan 16) – People who stay in Lhasa for more than 30 days will soon be required to apply for temporary residence permits, enabling the government, under the current circumstances, to exercise greater control on Tibetans coming from outside the city and ensuring better facilities for Chinese immigrants. A new regulation regarding this was approved by the ongoing regional people’s congress of Tibet Autonomous Region, reported China’s official China Daily newspaper Jan 15.

The report said the new regulation would be implemented soon. It added that people with temporary residence permits would be able to benefit from the same education, employment and family planning services as permanent residents. This obviously means that the “temporary” permit could enable people to live in the city for years, subject, possibly, to period renewal of their permits, which will greatly benefit Chinese settlers.

China was recently reported to have set up a task force to ensure better care for Chinese immigrants in the aftermath of the Mar 14 protests in 2008.


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