Tibet in grip of drought


(TibetanReview.net, Feb 13) – Tibet has been hit by a severe drought with little rain recorded throughout the region since Jan’09, except part of Chamdo Prefecture, even as the spring ploughing season approaches, reported China’s online Tibet news service eng.Tibet.cn Feb 12. No substantial precipitation was registered in areas along the Yurlong Tsangpo River, while Lhasa had 40 days without rain or snow, the report said.

The report showed a picture of the water level gauge of the Lhasa River sticking out starkly. It said the average temperature in the region was 1.4 to 5.0 degrees Celsius (34.5 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit) higher than during the same period last year while the average temperature in Lhasa was 2.4 degrees Celsius (36.3 degrees Fahrenheit) higher.

With no sizeable rain or snow expected in mid-February, Hu Chuyang, a senior engineer with the Meteorological Observatory of Tibet Autonomous Region, has advised concerned departments to be prepared to combat drought-related fires and other natural disasters.


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