Tibet under absolute Olympic security clampdown


www.TibetanReview.net, August 5

China has announced, through the official Tibet Daily newspaper, even tougher policing in Tibet during the Olympic Games when any shows of defiance by pro-Tibet independence groups could embarrass the government before a worldwide audience, reported Reuters Jul 30.

In an effort to ensure “absolute security without a single lapse”, police will redouble guards at major buildings, strengthen border controls and seek to expand international efforts to stifle anti-China activists, the report, which appeared on an official Tibet Web site (www.chinatibetnews.com), was cited as saying.

“We must further improve anti-terror plans, and take swift measures against all forms of violence and terrorist activities,” the report was further quoted as saying, citing a meeting of the regional public security office on Jul 27.

Apparently referring to neighbouring Nepal and, possibly, India as well, the report suggested Chinese police will be looking for stronger international help, possibly with countries near Tibet. They will seek to “strengthen and improve forms of cooperation in international policing, and expand the region and scope of policing cooperation … resolutely smashing the separatist activities of the Dalai clique,” the report has said. It spoke of police in Tibet having had their holidays cancelled until the Games end.

In neighbouring Xinjiang, all the 4,299 public buses in capital Urumqi would carry “security inspectors” up to and during the Games, China’s official Legal Daily was cited as reporting.


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