Tibetan asylum seeker appealed to UN, Switzerland in suicide notes

Tashi Namgyal.
Tashi Namgyal.

(TibetanReview.net, Sep14, 2017) – A Tibetan man was reported to have committed suicide by having himself run over by a train in the Swiss city of Luzerne on Sep 7 morning. The man was later identified as Tashi Namgyal, aged in his 30s. The fatal incident was reported to have occurred on the railway-track between Emmenbrücke and Olten stations.

One report said he had applied for political asylum but had been rejected. However, another report cited government authorities as saying they could find no official record of him among asylum seekers.

Police were reported to have found two notes on the person of the deceased. One was said to be addressed to the United Nations, urging it to address the plight of the Tibetan people living under Chinese rule and calling its lack of concern very disheartening.

The other letter, addressed to the Swiss government, was reported to appeal for asylum for the nearly 300 failed Tibetan applicants who had recently been asked to deport themselves.

The deceased, a new refugee from Tibet, was reported to have written that the decision of the Swiss government, rejecting his asylum plea, made him “lose all hope” and feel helpless.


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