Tortured prisoner released to succumb at home


(, Jan 07) — The allegation has been around for a number of years that China routinely releases Tibetan prisoners from jail ahead of their trials or the completion of their sentences in order to avoid responsibility for their death due to custodial torture. In a latest of such incident, Oslo-based Voice of Tibet (VOT) reported Jan 6 that a prisoner named Guru Dorji, jailed for taking part in a political protest, was released in Kardze county of Sichuan Province on Jan 1. It said fellow-villagers had to fetch him from jail the next day as he was too feeble to make the journey on his own after having endured brutal torture.

The villagers, who were made to sign an undertaking that Guru would not participate in protests if he recovered, found him so brutalised that he vomited whatever he was given to eat.

Guru’s wife had passed away while he was incarcerated; and he knew that he too was dying. He distributed his properties among his two children and asked fellow-villagers to look after them, the report said.

Previously such premature releases in Kardze included Rigden lhamo, 21, on Dec 25, 2008, and Rinchen and Jampa Dolma of Getsul nunnery on Dec 22, 2008, although their post-release fate remains unknown.


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