Troops patrol Sangchu County in Gansu


(, Feb 9) – Chinese riot police marched through the tense main street of Xiahe (Tibetan: Sagnchu/Labrang) County in Gannan (Tibetan: Kanlho) Prefecture of Gansu Province at regular intervals on Feb 7 morning, while vehicles were stopped and checked at military road blocks about 200 km (120 miles) from Lanzhou, the provincial capital, reported Reuters Feb 7.

Xiahe was closed to foreign visitors since Jan 25, the Chinese New year, although Tibetan pilgrims were allowed in, the report said.

The Tibetan areas incorporated into Gansu Province saw large scale Tibetan protests during last year’s Tibetan uprising. And with many Tibetans having made clear their intention to use their upcoming Feb 25-27 Tibetan New Year to pray and mourn for those killed in last year’s Chinese crackdown on the Tibetan uprising protests, the authorities remain extra-careful to prevent this and to pre-empt protests.


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