Two-month deadline for cadres to bring children back from ‘Dalai Clique’ schools, monasteries

21, July 18’08

Tibetans in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) who are Communist party members or who are holding Chinese government jobs there have been ordered to bring back any children they may have studying abroad in schools and monasteries run by the “Dalai clique” within two months from Jul 14 or face serious consequences, reported Dharamsala-based Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) Jul 15. The group said the new regulation was formulated jointly by the “TAR” Communist Party Discipline Inspection Commission and its government-counterpart TAR Government Discipline Committee and announced on Jul 14.

The regulations are reported to accused the “Dalai clique” of offering free scholarship, boarding and food facilities to entice children to leave Tibet and join schools and monasteries in exile in order to challenge the communist party and Chinese government. The new regulations’ objective have been stated to be to maintain stability and oppose “splittist” forces within the Party and TAR government.

The parents are to bring their children back within two months, after which the new ban on sending children to study abroad in schools and monasteries run by the “Dalai clique” comes into force. The announcement further requires such parents to voluntarily surrender themselves and explain their conduct to the concerned government departments or the Party and appeal for leniency without penalty.

Parents who fail to comply face expulsion from the party and/or from their jobs, with the announcement applying to all current and retired party members and government employees.

This is not the first time such an order has been issued. A similar order was issued way back in 1994, and resulted in many Tibetan students being forced to return home without completing their studies, only face political suspicion and joblessness.


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