Two of China’s 2007 five major gold finds in Tibetan regions


(, Feb 12. 2008)

China said it discovered five major gold mines in 2007, including two in Tibetan regions, namely the copper-gold mine in Gangtise of Tibet Autonomous Region, the Dachang gold mine in Qinghai Province, reported the official Xinhua news agency Feb 8. The other major discoveries, announced Feb 8 by the China Geological Survey Bureau (CGS), were the Yangshan gold mine in southern Gansu Province, the Sizhuang gold mine in Shandong Province and the Baolun gold mine in Hainan Province. It added that a number of gold deposits were found on the peripheries of some lead and zinc mines.

The combined gold reserves of these five mines have been put at some 600 tons, with great potential for further prospecting. The Shandong peninsular one of China’s most important gold producers, with a proven gold reserve of over 1,000 tons so far, the report said.

China is already the world’s second largest gold producer, having overtaken the US in 2007 with an output of 270.491 tons. South Africa occupies the top spot, with 272 tons of gold produced in 2007. The report added that China was planning to produce 1,300 tons of gold and verify gold mine reserves of 3,000 to 5,000 tons between 2006 and 2010, citing the State Development and Reform Commission.


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