University in England bans Tibetan flag after Chinese student threatened to inform embassy


Tibetan National Flag
(, May10, 2017) – A university student union in Britain has quickly removed a Tibetan flag from display at its global diversity event because it offended Chinese students who threatened to inform their embassy, reported May 7.

The report said that Students at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, eastern England, recently held a global diversity event at which many flags of countries across the world were shown. And when some Chinese students saw the flag of Tibet, they complained and it was swiftly banished. University of East Anglia

The student union has also offered an apology to the Chinese students.

Following controversy over the flag removal decision, Malaika Jaovisidha, the union’s international officer, has claimed the Tibetan flag was taken down because there was no official Tibetan students’ group at the university.

Earlier, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (UMass Amherst) in the USA had also refused to allow the Tibetan national flag to be flown during its annual Parade of Nations procession of student flag-bearers event. The university claimed that its Tibetan students could not be allowed to display their national flag because Tibet was not recognized as a country by the government of USA.

Following communist victory, China launched an armed invasion of Tibet in 1950, formally annexed it in 1951, and imposed full occupation rule over the Himalayan territory in 1959 following a Tibetan uprising. It now claims that Tibet was part of Chinese territory since ancient times.

The flag of Taiwan was also reported to be in line for removal from the display at the University of East Anglia event but was granted a stay of execution following objections from the university’s Taiwan Society.


  1. Typical Chinese response. As you must know these Chinese students are paid by the Chinese Government to question the legitimacy of Tibet; a country they invaded and are in the process of genicide of the Tibetan Cculture and People. The same thing happened at the University of California San Diego, but they did not back down. HH Dalai Lama will give the commencement address as planned. Shame on China. Shame on these English cowards.

    • You are correct Chinese colonialist Communist leaders are fooling the world using money and military power. Being blind to the truth that Tibet never belonged to China has already proven so costly to global peace and stability which stands shattered now. Tibet must be free if we desire a fair and just human civilisation. China’s lies must be exposed and international community must stand up to the tyranny and brutal occupation of Tibet by Chinese Communist. It is a big let down by the university by yielding to bullying by ChinesecCommunists

  2. They are only worried about losing business from the Chinese students..? The Tibetan people have suffered under Chinese rule for over 60 years..? We must fly their flag, and spread the word – FREE Tibet..!


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