Villagers flee to mountains after protest provoked by Police highhandedness

19, August 1

Police highhandedness in overturning a settlement amicable reached between two feuding villages in Bathang (Chinese: Batang) County of Kardze Prefecture led to a protest by people of the affected village, reported the exile Tibetan government’s Jul 21, which did not know the date in Jul’08 of this and related incidents. The dispute over a piece of land between the Lingkha-Sho and Gangri villages was a long-running one and through the mediation of Jampa Gyaltsen, a locally influential person and leader of Gheymo village, a settlement was reached.

However, after the settlement was reached, county police officers arrived in the area and ordered that the disputed land be given to Lingkha-Sho village, contending that the Chinese government alone had the authority to resolve land disputes. This infuriated the Gangri villagers who started shouting slogans such as “Tibet belongs to Tibetans. Long live His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Tibet is an independent county”. The police left the scene in a huff, to return to Gangri village with two truckloads of troops and a work team led by the county head.

By the time the troops arrived, all men from Gangri village of over 100 families had fled to the mountains, the report said, adding none had responded to orders to surrender. Troops were reported to be continuing to guard the village.


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