Workshop seeks to empower Tibetan youths in the job market


TibetanWomenAssociation— Reported by Rigzin Wangchuk, Sherab Wangmo, Saldon

(, Dec11, 2014) – As a group of mostly young Tibetan women prepared to enter the job market after completing their training as hairdressers and computer specialists, the Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA) at Dharamshala, India, on Dec 9 conducted a workshop to enable them to understand their legal rights and ways to deal with sexual harassment at workplace. Attending the workshop were 20 trainees, including five young men, who will finish their three-month training on Dec 11.

The purpose of the workshop was to equip the trainees with well informed knowledge about sexual harassment issues when they step out of the comfort zone of their training centres to enter the job market, said Mr Tenzin Migmar, the head consultant of Tibet Career Center (TCC).

The three-hour workshop included making of group-wise interactive presentations by the participants, including through audio visual communications.

The training has been organized by the TCC, which is a youth empowerment support programme of the Department of Home, Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), Dharamshala. The resource person for the workshop was Mrs Nyima lhamo, the General Secretary of TWA.

The TCC provides career services that are designed to enable job seekers to match their interests, skills, and educational qualifications with the right career, including through advices about internship and job opportunities. Those availing its services include undergraduates, graduates, school dropouts and the unemployed.

TCC was launched on Sep 2, 2012 by the CTA in collaboration with a group called TechnoServe.


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