A Clarification

Tendol Gyalzur

With regard to the obituary item on Tendol Gyalzur (Pioneering ‘Mother of Tibet’ Dies from COVID-19 in Switzerland by Morris Tennyson, May 09’20), it has been pointed out (including with video clips) that Tendol Gyalzur succeeded where many other Tibetans failed and were forced to close down because she not only willingly made compromises with the Chinese rule in Tibet but was also a vocal supporter of the Chinese government.

We understand that many other Tibetan expatriates, even returnees (eg, Tashi Tsering, the late Tibet University Professor and co-author of The Struggle for Modern Tibet, 1987), also work, or had worked, in Tibet in cooperation with Chinese authorities at different levels but without necessarily going out of their way to praise the Chinese rule in Tibet.

The publication of the contribution should in no way be seen as endorsing her position on the issue of Tibet but needs to be seen in that “on the other hand” light. (- Editors)



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