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Canada lists Tibet among nine no-go vacation spots

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(, Oct17’23) – Canada has included Tibet, with its main tourist attraction of Potala Palace, among its nine no-go vacation spots for travellers, according to an report Oct 16.

Rising political tensions, unpredictable natural disasters, and volatile security situations are reshaping the travel landscape in these areas. Before packing your bags for these nine popular spots, there’s new intel from the Canadian government that every traveller should heed, the report said.

As regards the reason for including Tibet in the list, the report said potential arbitrary enforcement of local laws poses a risk to travellers, especially in specific regions.

Noting that that Tibet and TAR have a distinct set of challenges for travellers, the report said: “A special permit is required to visit, available only via an organized tour. Chinese authorities can unpredictably suspend these permits or deny entry to certain areas.

“Even with the necessary permits, travellers might still face unforeseen curfews and restrictions. Canada’s ability to provide consular support in Tibet is also limited.”

The report also said travellers should be aware of China’s stringent internet censorship and cyber security measures. Many global websites and platforms are inaccessible in China, and online privacy is almost non-existent. Authorities might monitor communications and inspect electronic devices without notice.


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