China clamping down on families of Covid-19 ‘martyrs’

People pay tribute to COVID-19 victims in Wuhan, where coronavirus was first detected. (Photo courtesy: Reuters)

(, May06’20) – China is branding its Cvoid-19 pandemic victims as martyrs but then cracking down on the grieving relatives who want to know the truth about this outbreak and seek compensation, said a news report May 5.

The report noted that people who had lost their loved ones to the novel coronavirus pandemic wanted explanation and compensation from the government.

And the government is clamping down on them, singling them out for challenging the party-state’s narrative while censoring news articles about the outbreak and Wuhan’s mourning survivors.

Some residents were stated to have reached out to an activist named Yang Zhan Qing, seeking help to sue the government, only to be silenced, like the whistleblowers, doctors and the journalists before them.

Bereaved family members have faced police interrogation while lawyers have been warned not to file any suit against the government.

The report pointed out that leaders of the US, the UK and Germany believed that the deaths and the destruction of the global economy could have been avoided had China shared the information about the virus in its early phases.

China’s untenable official narrative is that the pandemic broke out in the country but did not originate there, that its origin is unknown. However, it does not want anyone to find out anything about the virus’s origin, not even the World Health Organization which the United States said had acted like China’s public relations agent throughout the critical phases of the pandemic’s outbreak and spread.


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