China holds series of live-fire Ladakh border drills with improved gears, troop invisibility

PLA plateau special forces members equipped with low-visibility camouflage conduct live-fire special exercises in field training ground at an altitude of 3,800 meters. (Photo courtesy: Global Times)

(, Jan18’21) – With a view apparently to keep up the pressure on India, China said Jan 17 that it had conducted a series of live-fire special exercises at an altitude of 3,800 meters earlier this month, with its official China Central Television (CCTV) having reported on it Jan 14. CCTV showed plateau special forces of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Tibet Military Command being equipped with the latest combat uniforms with a camouflage pattern that can perfectly hide them in the surroundings, reported the official Jan 17.

The report cited Chinese analysts as saying Jan 17 that the low-visibility camouflage will have a practical use in border defense missions.

A stealthier uniform can lower the chance of exposure to the enemy in all kinds of missions, particularly infiltration and penetration, the report cited analysts as saying.

It said the exercises were carried out by a special operations brigade attached to the PLA Tibet Military Command. The troops were stated to be equipped with a new type of individual soldier combat system, including a high-cut helmet and night vision goggles, as well as the latest Starry Sky combat uniform that makes a soldier blend perfectly into an environment where it is difficult to spot him with the naked eye, Shanghai-based news outlet was cited as reporting Jan 15.

Referring to occupied Tibet’s border region with India, the report said that in West China’s high-altitude border regions, which have wide expanses and relatively few places to hide, using camouflage is very practical.

In addition to the better disguise function, the new uniform was stated to also provide better protection against wind and dust, was easier to wear and move with, and protected soldiers’ joints.


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