China says five Covid-19 vaccine developments progressing smoothly

China has five types of Covid-19 vaccines in development.

(, Apr28’20) – China has five types of Covid-19 vaccines in development and they are progressing smoothly, reported China’s official Apr 27, citing Wang Guiqiang, director of infectious diseases at Peking University’s First Hospital.

Three of them – one adenovirus vector and two inactivated – had entered phase two of clinical trials in China and more research was needed to evaluate their safety and efficacy, Wang was cited as saying.

He has said that while the vector vaccine was being spearheaded by senior preventive medicine expert Chen Wei, one inactivated vaccine was created by the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co Ltd, and the other by Sinovac Research and Development Co Ltd.

He has not said when a vaccine might become available at the earliest.


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