China says it has deployed man-portable anti-tank missile sets in occupied Tibet

Chinese soldier carrying a HJ-12 man-portable anti-tank missile. (Photo courtesy: Global Times)

(, Jul26’21) – With apparent view to make further territorial gains from India, China has been producing and deploying new military equipment especially adapted for convenience in fighting in the Himalayan topography. The latest is its domestically developed HJ-12 man-portable anti-tank missile, previously known as a made-for-export weapon.

The weapon was confirmed to be in service with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), after it made its debut in a recent exercise organized by the PLA Tibet Military Command, reported China’s official Jul 25.

The report cited Chinese experts as saying the top-attack, fire-and-forget missile, often compared with the US’ Javelin, could destroy any main battle tank in the world, and will significantly boost the PLA infantry forces’ anti-tank capabilities.

The report said a brigade affiliated with the PLA Tibet Military Command recently conducted a series of exercises deep in the plateau region, citing a statement released by the command on Jul 22.

A photo said to be attached to the statement, and carried by the report, showed a single person carrying what was stated to be the portable anti-tank missile during the exercise.

The report cited Chinese observers as saying that by providing individual soldiers with the capability to independently destroy a tank more effectively than older weapons, the commissioning of the HJ-12 would significantly boost the PLA’s anti-tank capabilities.

The weapon was stated to be equipped with advanced focal plane array infrared guidance system with lock-on before launch and fire-and-forget systems. The missile was stated to be capable of penetrating homogeneous steel armor as thick as 1,100 millimeters protected by explosive reaction armor.

It was also stated to offer strong anti-jamming capabilities with more types of guidance systems.

Apart from tanks, the HJ-12 could launch precision strikes on hostile bunkers, fortifications and buildings, the report said.

China previously said it had developed and deployed Type 15 light tanks and different types of infantry fighting vehicles and trucks especially adapted to fighting in the Himalayan topography. It also spoke of having deployed assault vehicles and truck-based howitzers with well-equipped foot soldiers.


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