China staged military drill, strengthened security ahead of Mar 10 Tibet uprising day

File photo: Chinese paramilitary policemen patrol in front of the Potala Palace.

(, Mar10’20) – Ahead of the 61st Tibetan national uprising day on Mar 10, 2020, the Chinese leadership in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) called a security meeting to strengthen “stability and security” in the region and held a military drill in capital Lhasa to make clear its preparedness to crush any incident of disturbance on the occasion.

The show of force on Mar 6 included what the state media called “combat-ready” troops, fire fighters, and People’s Armed Police, reported the Tibetan service of Mar 9.

Citing the regional party mouthpiece Tibet Daily, the report said that on Mar 1, the TAR’s communist party boss, security officials, and representatives of the TAR Stability Leadership Committee had met to criticize what they called the “reactionary activities” of exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and his supporters.

Lower-ranking TAR officials were stated to have been warned at that meeting to be vigilant in eliminating threats to the “stability and security” of the region. Anyone deemed to be failing in their duties were threatened with disciplinary action, the report cited the Mar 2 edition of Tibet Daily as saying.


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