China’s Denmark ambassador stumbles into Tibet flags, protests

China’s Denmark ambassador stumbles into Tibet flags. (Photo courtesy: CTA)

(, Jun21’21) – Government hosts in the West and elsewhere are known to make elaborate, often repressive, arrangements to ensure that visiting dignitaries from China are not embarrassed with sights and sounds of people protesting on the situation in occupied Tibet. However, in a rare incident of its kind on Jun 18, China’s ambassador to Denmark, Mr Feng Tie, came face to face with protesters carrying Tibetan national flags, according to a report by the Office of Tibet, London, Jun 21.

The occasion was the Chinese ambassador giving an interview to the political media outlet Altinget in central Copenhagen on the occasion of the public political festival Folkemødet (“The People’s Meeting”).

As the Chinese ambassador came out of the interview and meeting venue, he came face to face with members of the Tibet Support Group in Denmark and the Danish China-Critical Society who had made a clandestine arrangement to confront him on his exit.

Carrying Tibetan national flags, they protested against Chinese repression in Tibet, East Turkestan, Hong Kong, and China itself.

The report said the protesters chanted slogans in the face of the Chinese ambassador such as “Free Tibet”, “Free Hong Kong”, and “Free China”.


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