Delhi Police said to investigate 30 Tibetans allegedly linked to arrested Chinese agent over Delhi riots

Chinese agent Luo Sang alias Charlie Peng. (Photo courtesy: India Today)

(, Dec19’20) – Police in India’s capital Delhi had listed 30 Tibetans for investigation, suspecting them of having monetary links with the allegedly Chinese agent Luo Sang alias Charlie Peng, 42, who was arrested for the second time in Aug 2019, according to one media report. The seemingly outlandish suspicion against the Tibetans, according to the Dec 18, is the likelihood of their involvement in the Delhi riots some 10 months ago.

It has been around 10 months since the Delhi riots took place but the Special Cell of the Delhi Police and other security agencies are still probing the foreign link in the matter. The probe agencies have found a link that China was also somehow involved in the matter through its alleged agent Charlie Peng, the report said.

At the time of his arrest Peng was alleged to be involved in a Rs1,000 crore cross-border money laundering racket using shell companies. Allegations that he was also involved in funding the gathering of intelligence on the Dalai Lama also followed.

The report said the Special Cell of the Delhi Police believed that Peng had pumped money into the anti-social activities through Tibet nationals. The report cited “top sources” as confirming that the Special Cell had made a list of 30 Tibetans among others who will be called to join the investigation.

“We will call them to join the investigation. They have links with Charlie Peng, the Chinese spy,” the report quoted an unnamed “highly placed source” as saying. The Chinese spy was alleged to have given them money through different routes “and this money was immediately withdrawn by them.”

The Special Cell is probing whether this money was used in Delhi Riots or not, the report said.

The money was stated to have been given to these Tibetans through shell companies and immediately withdrawn by these people, “raising questions”.

The report said the Special Cell believed that this money was withdrawn and given to the people who might have been involved in Delhi riots or in anti-social activities.

No basis was cited for expressing this belief.


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