Fines on Tibetans failing to renew their Indian residence permit rationalized

Registration Certificate (RC)

(, May01’19) – Fines on Tibetans who fail to renew their permit to reside in India in a timely manner have been rationalized and it is also no longer cited in United States dollars. The government of India requires all Tibetans living in the country to register themselves as foreigners at the earlier after birth, although those born in the country from Jan 26, 1950 and Jul 1, 1987 and their offspring have the option to exercise their legal right to be treated as citizens.

A circular issued by the government of India on Apr 8 says those who fail to renew their RC (Registration certificate and Residence Permit) for one to 90 days now have to pay a fine of Rs 100. Those who fail to do so for more than 90 days and up to two years have to pay a fine of Rs 200. And those who fail to update their RC’s validity for more than two years are liable to pay a fine of Rs 500.

A note in the circular says those who have failed to register their RC online or pay their fines so far are allowed to make their payments in accordance with the above stated amounts.

A circular issued earlier on Apr 25, 2018 had fixed those amounts of fines at between US$ 300 and US$ 500.

The new amounts are said to be the same as those for RC holders from Bangladesh and Pakistan who had fled religious persecution in those countries.

Tibetans have to renew their RC on a yearly basis, although those born in the country or have lived in it for mover 20 years have the option to apply for a five-year renewal of their RC/Stay Permit.


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