India set for Jan 16 launch of Covid-19 vaccine as it reports below 19,000 new cases for third successive day

Illustrative vial of coronavirus vaccine.

(, Jan10’21) – As India prepares for a Jan 16 launch of its Covid-19 vaccine, the country has reported less than 19,000 new cases for the third successive day.

Initially, around three crore healthcare and frontline workers will be innoculated, followed by those above 50 years of age and the under-50 population with co-morbidities, estimated at around 27 crore, reported Jan 10.

“Though bulk of the order will be for Covishield (developed by Oxford University-Astra Zeneca), the government is also likely to buy some stocks of Covaxin from Bharat Biotech,” an official was quoted as saying.


Meanwhile the total number of people infected with the more contagious, new strain of coronavirus detected in the United Kingdom continues to stand at 90, with no addition in the last 24 hours, the Ministry of health was cited as saying Jan 10.

The current average is at less than a fifth of the peak. However, the decline in cases and deaths have been slowing down over the past few days, and also registering minor increases on odd days, which may be an early sign of a plateauing of the pandemic in the country as a whole, said another report Jan 10.

Also, India’s seven-day rolling average of daily Covid-19 cases has now fallen to nearly 18,000, continuing its decline that reflects a steady slowdown in the pandemic in most parts of the country, the report noted.


The latest data from India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare show that there were 18,645 new cases and 201 new deaths in the country in the past 24 hours as of Jan 10 at 8AM, taking their cumulative totals to 10,450,284 cases and 150,999 deaths. The new cases were slightly more than that reported the day before while the number of deaths was less.

A total of 10,075,950, or 96.42%, had recovered while the number of active cases was 223,335, or 2.14% of the total. The case fatality rate has declined to 1.44%. The percentage figures wer all imporvements over the previous day’s percentage figures.

The latest daily number of new cases, at 18,645, was less than the daily number of those who had recovered, at 19,299, leading to a decrease in the number of active cases by 855.

The country’s fifth-worst hit Kerala continued to report the highest daily new infections at 5,528, followed successively by the country’s worst-hit state of Maharashtra (3,581), Chattisgarh (1,014), second-worst hit Karnataka (899), seventh-worst hit Uttar Pradesh (865), eighth-worst hit West Bengal (787), fourth-worst hit Tamil Nadu (761), Gujarat (675), Madhya Pradesh (541), … Himachal Pradesh (84), and so on.

The 201 new fatalities include 57 from Maharashtra; 20 from West Bengal; 22 from Kerala; 15 Chattisgarh; 12 each from Delhi and Uttar Pradesh; 10 from Madhya Pradesh; 6 each from Haryana and Uttarakhand 7 from Tamil Nadu; 5 from Gujarat, 4 from Karnataka; 3 from Himachal Pradesh; and so on.

The active caseload remained below 3 lakh for the 20th consecutive day.

India is currently the country with the world’s second highest number of Covid-19 cases and the third highest number of deaths in cumulative numbers.


The cumulative total of Covid-19 cases among Tibetans in India, Nepal and Bhutan had remained unchanged for the third day at 1,473. Of them 1,392 had recovered, 44 were active and 37 had died, according to the tally of the Central Tibetan Administration Jan 10.


Across the world the number of Covid-19 cases totaled 89,711,341 and the deaths 1,928,023, according to the tally of Johns Hopkins University as of 3:52 PM on Jan 10, 2021.


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