India’s daily Covid-19 cases hit six-month high, Tibetan cases total 1,720

People are seen at a market amidst the spread of the Covid-19, in the old quarters of Delhi. (Photo courtesy: Reuters)

(, Apr02’21) – In its continuing northward surge in a second wave, the number of new Covid-19 cases reported by India this morning has hit a six-month high of over 81,000. The worst-hit state of Maharashtra accounted for more than 43,000 of them, its highest single-day rise since the pandemic began.

The Covid-19 situation in India will turn into a full-blown crisis if strict adherence to Covid-appropriate behaviour isn’t ensured, Dr Randeep Guleria, the director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, has warned. A member of the national taskforce for Covid-19 management, Dr Guleria has said people weren’t wearing masks or maintaining social distance even though the daily cases continued to rise sharply, according to the Apr 2.

Nevertheless, scientists working on a mathematical model to examine the Covid-19 spread have made a forecast that the current wave will peak between Apr 15 and 20 and the number of active symptomatic cases will hit a high about a week later at the same level of around 10 lakh cases India had seen in September last year, according to another report Apr 2.

Past forecasts based on mathematical models have usually proved wrong and way too optimistic.


The latest data from India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare show that there were 81,466 new Covid-19 cases and 469 new deaths in the country in the past 24 hours as of Apr 2 at 8 AM, taking their cumulative totals to 12,303,131 cases and 163,396 deaths respectively.

A total of 11,525,039, or 93.67%, had recovered while the number of active cases was 614,696, or 5% of the total. Both the percentage figures were in keeping with continuous, rapidly worsening trends. However, the case fatality was 1.33%.

The latest daily number of new cases, at 81,466, was substantially higher than the daily number of those who had recovered, at 50,356, leading to a big jump in the number of active cases by 30,641.

Fourteen states have reported more than 1,000 new cases in the last 24 hours, namely Maharashtra (43,183), Chattisgarh (4,617), Karnataka (4,234), Punjab (3,161), Tamil Nadu (2,817), Kerala (2,798), Delhi (2,790), Uttar Pradesh (2,589), Madhya Pradesh (2,546), Gujarat (2,410), Haryana (1,609), Rajasthan (1,350), West Bengal (1,274), and Andhra Pradesh (1,271).

Ten more states/Union Territories have reported more than 100 new cases in the last 24 hours, namely Telangana (965), Jharkhand (690), Uttarakhand (500), Bihar (488), Jammu and Kashmir (461), Himachal Pradesh (409), Odisha (394), Goa (265), Puducherry (260), and Chandigarh (257).

Sixteen states/Union Territories have reported 3 or more Covid-19 deaths each in the last 24 hours, namely Maharashtra (249), Punjab (58), Chattisgarh (34), Tamil Nadu (19), Karnataka (18), Madhya Pradesh (12), Kerala (11), Uttar Pradesh (9), Delhi (9), Gujarat (9), Haryana (9), Telangana (5), Rajasthan (4), Jammu and Kashmir (4), and Himachal Pradesh (4), and Andhra Pradesh (3). The rest of the states/Union Territories have reported 2 or less deaths.

India is currently the country with the world’s third highest number of Covid-19 cases after being overtaken by Brazil recently, and the fourth highest number of deaths in cumulative numbers.


The cumulative total of Covid-19 cases among Tibetans in India, Nepal and Bhutan has increased by 9 to 1,720. Giving its 53rd weekly briefing, the taskforce of the Central Tibetan Administration has said Apr 2 that of them 1,576 had recovered, 97 were active and 47 had died.

The taskforce has said there were 29 fresh cases among Tibetans in India and Nepal during the past one week.


Across the world the number of Covid-19 cases totaled 129,711,196 and the deaths 2,829,516, according to the tally of Johns Hopkins University as of 3:50 PM on Apr 2, 2021.


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