India’s ruling party leader urges war to retake Chinese occupied land, refrain from Tibet etc provocation of Beijing

Mr Subramanian Swamy, Member of Indian Parliament. (Photo courtesy:

(, Aug29’21) – Leader of the ruling BJP and Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament Mr Subramanian Swamy has suggested Aug 28 that India should go to war with China if the latter does not vacate Indian territory and go back to the Line of Actual control (LAC), which was mutually agreed upon by the two countries in 1993, repotted the PTI news agency Aug 28.

Swamy, well-known for his friendly relationship with the Chinese leadership and his criticism of India’s stand on the McMahon Line, has added that India should only focus on settling the border dispute with Beijing and not “provoke” the latter by talking about Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tibet.

“China is an extraordinarily important and dangerous threat to India…. Therefore, India has to be able to work out its strategy in such a way that it meets the threat and finally, puts China in its place,” he has said.

Swamy was speaking at an event organised in New Delhi to release a book, titled “Blinkers Off, How Will the World Counter China”, authored by Gaurie Dwivedi.

He has noted that China had the “audacity” to occupy Indian territory while having extended meetings with the prime minister Modi.

“My view is that India should tell the Chinese that if you are not going to go back to what was the original position in 1993, we will go to war with you. We need a battle with the Chinese unless they voluntarily agree to withdraw…teach China a lesson that we are no more the India of 1962,” he has said.

“Don’t talk about Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tibet. All you are doing is aggravating the situation. Focus on where China has gone wrong. They have crossed the LAC and occupied parts of our land,” he has said.

The McMahon Line delineates the border between Tibet and India under a tripartite convention held in 1914 in Shimla among Tibet, China and British India. China initialed the convention but did not ratify it.


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