Joint intelligence report said to confirm China destroyed initial Covid-19 evidence

The Wuhan Institute of Virology. (Photo courtesy: AFP)

(, May03’20) – As already reported by the media weeks ago, a research assessment reported to have been compiled by the “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance of Western states has stated that the Chinese government deliberately hid or destroyed evidence about the initial outbreak of the novel coronavirus that is now called Covid-19 to avoid the politically incorrect use of the name Chinese virus or Wuhan Virus.

The document charts how Beijing denied at first that the disease could be transmitted between humans; silenced or ‘disappeared’ medics who tried to warn of the outbreak; blocked access by international organisations to Wuhan, where it originated; and refused to provide live samples to international scientists trying to find a vaccine, said a Google News posting May 3 of a report by The Independent newspaper.

The report noted that the Five Eyes intelligence network – comprising the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – has been sharing information on Covid-19, with no specific joint operation on the issue.

On President Donald Trump’s order, US intelligence agencies are carrying out an investigation. He has demanded that China pay compensation for its alleged negligence in allowing the pandemic to spread around the world.

The document, obtained by The Daily Telegraph newspaper in Australia, is said to chart a timeline of subterfuge by China and how it censored news about the outbreak. Despite evidence in early December of human-to-human transmission, Beijing did not confirm this key fact until Jan 20, the document is said to show.

China is said to have banned any scientific or other research seeking to find the origin of the virus without its express approval and has refused to let the World Health Organization to join in the effort to determine that issue.

China’s official position is that the pandemic broke out from the country but did not originate there while claiming the origin is unknown and presumably must remain “unknown” in any research outcome.


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